A soul in tension that's learning to fly
condition grounded, but determined to try.

My name is Tamer Salah Mohammed Ismael Embaby, Egyptian, Muslim, I was born in Cairo 14/4/1974. I'm Sept. 97 graduate of the Faculty of Science at the university of Ein Shams, Computer Science / Pure Math Department.

My friends call me tita, sometimes tott, and I like those nicknames.

I like computer and programming a lot. I started studying computer back in 1989, my first computer was 80286, with 1-MB RAM and plenty of hard disk space (40 MB!). Currently I have small home network connected through crossover ethernet cable.

I work for Ajyal Software Group as system level programmer using the languages C and CA-VO.

I mostly (personnaly) work with C language, HTML, XML. UNIX system administration/programming. I have done some CGI scripting with PERL and UNIX shell (csh/sh).

I admire UNIX/UNIX-like operating systems very much (and that the reason why I dislike MS-Windows). Have a look at my attempt to guess MS-Windows 95 source code, may be it's funny. At home, OpenBSD as my primary OS. FreeBSD in the second mechine. I used to use Linux, but I guess I'll wait for another machine to install Linux again. And also Windows 95 (for the kids). I personally admire OpenBSD for it's ease of installation, configuration, and out of the box security.  www.OpenBSD.org

In short, C and UNIX are the most important things in my computer life.

I like coins / stamp collecting. I used to play football, but now I'm too old for this sh*t, :-). I like choclate, hmmm, and that is the secret of my bad teeth (beside smoking).

Guitar (I don't play guitar)
Italian language (I don't speak Italian)
Music (Old arabic / blues / spirtual / psychedelics / rock / music that helps people meditate etc.)
Sun Microsystems
Bell Labs
On The Rocks (Nevine Shoukry)

Visual C++.
Microsoft in general.
VO (Visual Objects || Visual clipper) the language I mostly do at work.
The crowds.
My old 505 Peugeot.
Dogs (`scare of' would be more approperiate!).

Wish to do:
Learn Italian.
Become a C / Unix hacker / guru.
Have my own http://[www.]tsemba.org.

Email: tsemba at menanet dot net