Tsemba at MenaNet dot NET, Tamer Embaby 1997-2001, <tsemba: Tamer Salah EMBAby>.

Programs helped in the design

EditorsTextPad 3.2.5/4.0, vim 5.4/5.7.
Map editorsMapEdit 1.X/2.63.
GraphicsAdobe Photoshop 5.0.
TablesNetscape composer, Front page 2000 (learning the big deal about tables).
program.html menu / quotes image
(quote002.jpg / p-menu012.jpg)
Sayed Harby
HTML colorHtml Colour wizard v1.0.
Version controlCVS 1.10.7.

Contact information

Junk mail/SPAM resistence for automated email address getharing programs.
Copy below email address, replace at -> @, dot -> ., and remove spaces.
Email: tsemba at menanet dot net
Email: tamer dot embaby at ajyal dot com

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