Sources of information

Internet RFCs
w3c - the world wide web consortium. HTML / XML standards


BSD freak
BSD search
TrustedBSD Project
OpenBSD Journal Berkely Unix and more!
Greasy Daemon
BSD Vault


the ten commandements for c programmer (unix).
comp.lang.c FAQ.
ANSI C for Programmers on UNIX Systems
The C Library Reference Guide
The C programmer's pages
[Concepts of C/UNIX Internationalization]

UNIX -- Linux -- X Window System

indiana library list
berkeley lab unix services
unix info pages
the common gateway interface cgi
unix documentation links
for linux distributions, slackware, red hat, and more.
introduction to window systems and x windows
introduction to x window systems
the linux kernel hackers' guide
unix system administarion
josh's linux guide - linux for dummies
the linux documentation project homepage
the blackdown organization. jdk port for linux
java-linux organization
the linux howtos
the unix programming environment
unix resources & services
unix is a four letter word
bjorns homepage
unix guru universe
unix911 -- sister of ugu
geek-girl unix reference desk
the gnu c library - table of contents
linux applications and utilities page
the linux documentation project homepage
vi lovers home page
the linux programmer's bouncepoint
linux now!

Sun Microsystems

sun microsystems
sunsite, egypt, egyptian universities network
welcome to
unofficial guide to solaris
sun microsystems press books - 1998 book catalog

Pink Floyd

pink floyd's comfortably numb
pink floyd


sony's pink floyd home page.
mohamed mounir
f a i r o u z
rai music
the most famous lebanese singer magida el roumi
bryan adams page
leonard cohen fan information files
the corrs
the official loreena mckennitt home page
a spoonful of blues
eric clapton's page
gary moore - gaz menu
the stevie ray vaughan homepage
Tracy Chapman

search engines



the java developer how do i
java documentation.
cafe au lait. mainpage.
the programmer's oasis


Mohammed Amin homepage
Asser Galalidin homepage
Mohamed Rayes homepage

egypt -- arabs -- islamic sites

egyptian opera page.
egypt information highway
egyptian universities network
qaradawi home page

Publishers -- information

the online books homepage
travlang homepage. Learn the basics of other languages
help-site computer manuals
the programmer vault
expert exchange homepage
the bios survival guide
dictionary of pc hardware and data communications terms

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